VICTREX™ PEEK based polymer, forms and parts solutions to achieve increased range, faster charging, and superior customer experience. 

Advanced solutions to support
future mobility

We work with automotive customers throughout the value chain to accelerate the development of innovative applications that deliver improved performance and cost-effectiveness in the most demanding environments.

Increased electric vehicle range with enhanced efficiency

Using VICTREX XPI™ PEEK magnet wire insulation offers designers improvements in the stator thermal efficiency through compatibility with ATF/oil cooling and the opportunity to increase copper density, enabling range extension and enhance driving experience. Contact us to learn more.

Pushing the boundaries to improve vehicle performance

PEEK wire insulation - hairpin winding stator

Design and manufacture your e-motor with more freedom

Using PEEK wire insulation can offer designers improvements in the stator thermal efficiency through compatibility with ATF/oil cooling & opportunity to increase copper density to enable range extension & enhance driving experience. Contact us to learn more.

VICTREX PEEK insulated bearings

Electric Motor Bearing Insulation  

Reliable insulation of bearings is key to ensure efficient performance over the component lifetime. Using VICTREX™ PEEK to overmould bearings helps address reliable electrical insulation of large or small bearings and potentially reduces component cost.

actuator gear

Gear up for cost-effective NVH enhancement in actuators

Electrification and customer experiences are increasing the need for actuation to enhance safety and comfort. In lighter, quieter, and faster actuators VICTREX HPG™ gears offer mechanical strength, proven durability and enhanced NVH.

electric vehicle charging

Enhancing battery performance and reliability

Batteries are an area to innovate and achieve competitive advantage in a growing market. VICTREX PEEK based solutions can potentially help decrease battery systems costs, increase power density and service life, improve thermal management, maintain fast charge compatibility.

rotor shaft bushings

Quiet, durable and efficient compressors

BEVs and HEVs require energy-efficient, quiet, and cost-effective compact compressors. Using VICTREX PEEK in higher performance compressors enables improved NVH, stable performance and improved energy efficiency, and are compatible with a wide selection of oils.

power electronics

VICTREX PEEK in power electronics

Increased power density, hotter operating temperatures, faster switching, and improved heat dissipation are required in power electronic devices. VICTREX™ PEEK is chemically resistant to most automotive fluids and enables hotter insulative operating temperatures.

Advanced Electrical Insulation

PEEK-based APTIV™ film slot liners enable increased torque, improved thermal management and potential system cost reduction. Keep your e-motor cool with advanced insulation.

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Gear up for cost-effective NVH improvement

With proven durability VICTREX™ HPG gears enable weight & inertia reductions in mass balance systems, improve NVH and reduce system complexity and cost.

When the going gets rough, the tough get going. In the most demanding environments where temperatures, friction, parasitic losses and loads are high, fluids are aggressive and NVH becomes an issue – that’s where VICTREX™ PEEK polymer solutions and VICTREX HPG™ gears can provide considerable benefits.


Environmental legislations are driving the need for light weight, yet mechanically strong and chemically resistant solutions with enhanced performance over lifetime to support vehicle safety and driving comfort. VICTREX PEEK based solutions have a proven track record in supporting industry leaders in the most demanding applications.

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