Magma m-Pipe®

The World's First DNV GL RP F119 Qualified
Thermoplastic Composite Pipes

Thermoplastic PAEK polymers and composites for durability and reliability 

Victrex PAEK-based solutions provide resistance to hostile environments such as sour gas and super critical CO2, combined with long term retention of mechanical integrity at elevated temperatures, delivering innovative and reliable solutions.

Magma Global and Victrex have worked closely together since Magma was founded in 2009. Victrex became an equity partner in Magma Global in 2016 and the companies have a long term supply agreement for PEEK polymer and forms to support the development and introduction of thermoplastic composite pipes.

m-pipe is a high strength, fully bonded thermoplastic composite pipe designed for subsea oil operations. The pipe is manufactured from a VICTREX™ PEEK polymer liner and a Carbon Fibre/PEEK composite laminate, both of which are manufactured by Victrex. These materials are combined in a fully automated robotic process at Magma to form a fully bonded structure with a smooth bore. Modification of the laminate provides variation in product flexibility, stiffness and strength. 

As for performance, m-pipe is inherently chemically resistant and significantly less susceptible to corrosion than steel. This unique combination of features provides evidence that m-pipe can be viable alternative to carbon steel pipe for subsea use and can eliminate the high costs of corrosion inhibitors, biocides and scale inhibitors.

References are available from Magma Global upon request

A thermoplastic composite pipe (TCP) is a polymer/composite tubular structure which can replace rigid steel piping and steel flexibles in a range of subsea oil and gas applications. A TCP consists of two main components, the pipe precursor, and the pipe body laminate. The pipe precursor (or liner) serves as a fluid and gas barrier and provides a smooth surface which enhances flow and prevents erosion. The composite body provides the mechanical strength and a stiffness tailored to the application. The mechanical properties of the TCP are dominated by the choice of fibre, the selected lay-up sequence and the qualities of the thermoplastic polymer matrix and liner.

TCPs offer significantly greater design freedom over steel pipes coupled with improved corrosion and permeation resistance.

Magma have employed two qualification practices: DNV GL RP A203, used to qualify any materials used in oil and gas applications and DNV GL ST F119, which was designed specifically for gathering the appropriate qualification evidence for TCPs. Magma’s m-pipe is the first thermoplastic composite pipe to receive third-party verification against DNVGL- ST -F119 (August 2018).


From an organizational perspective, innovation links both organizations together. Magma’s vision is to deliver the world most reliable subsea pipe. m-pipe is an innovative, disruptive solution that addresses current challenges in subsea deployments. Victrex employs a market-based approach to innovation, pioneering solutions where high-performance polymers, such as PEEK, deliver a strong advantage.

The partnership is a result of a shared vision to address unmet needs of the industry through innovation. In regard to PEEK specifically, Victrex has a long history of supplying, testing and qualifying PEEK for applications in the oil and gas industry. With our expertise in the chemical composition and material behaviour of PEEK, we can advise on PEEK in ways no other company can.


Qualification of m-pipe® for Brazil's pre-salt region  

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