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VICTREX™ PEEK polymer is regarded as one of the highest-performing engineering thermoplastics in the world. It has more than 40 years of proven performance in demanding environments, replacing metal and other polymers.


VICTREX 450G PEEK, used by leading brands globally, is a standard flow general purpose PEEK grade for injection moulding and extrusion, which is natural/beige coloured.


Depending on your needs and application areas, there could be more suitable PEEK-based products, such as wear grades or food grades. Visit our Technical Datasheets section to learn more.


Today, VICTREX PEEK's impact can be felt high in the sky, deep in the ocean and even under the skin. There seems to be no limit to the ways people are turning PEEK into brilliant solutions, to bringing their inventions and improvements to life, solving complex engineering challenges, often replacing metals. Most importantly, it continues to spur active innovation in the quest for improved applications, an excellent cost-benefit-ratio and environmental benefits.  



VICTREX 450G™ PEEK polymer is a popular choice, why? Because it delivers against a challenging combination of needs, whether mechanical, chemical, temperature or electrical, which means there’s no need to compromise on performance.
Frequently asked questions
PEEK vs 450G PEEK: Are they the Same?

PEEK is a general term, an abbreviation, for the polayaryletherketone (PAEK) polymer [whose full name is poly(oxy-1,4-phenyleneoxy-1,4-phenylenecarbonyl-1,4-phenylene) ] and whose molecular backbone structure is defined by the repeat unit below.

Molecular structure of a PEEK 450g polymer 

VICTREX PEEK 450G is a specific grade of PEEK polymer, a unique grade which is only made by Victrex and which has a specific range of molecular weight.  The molecular weight defines the bulk properties of the PEEK 450G polymer, including its stiffness, strength, toughness, crystallinity and melt processing behaviour.

VICTREX PEEK 150G vs 450G: What’s the Difference?

VICTREX PEEK 450G is defined as a standard melt viscosity (MV) PEEK grade, with a medium molecular weight.  Other VICTREX PEEK grades are available with higher and lower melt viscosities and higher or lower molecular weights respectively.  VICTREX PEEK 150G is a higher flow, lower molecular weight, lower MV grade of PEEK compared to 450G.  [A lower melt viscosity, measured in Pa.s, equates to a higher Melt Flow Rate (MFR)].  As a result, 150G may be more suitable for applications where lower viscosity in the melt during processing is desirable, for example, when injection moulding thin-walled parts or long, thin sections with intricate geometries; impregnating carbon or glass fibres for composite prepregs; or adding high levels of solid fibrous or particulate fillers and reinforcements to make compounds.  However, the lower molecular weight also changes the bulk properties of the polymer:  lower molecular weight PAEKs have higher stiffness and strength combined with reduced toughness, ductility and impact resistance.  This is a consequence of the shorter polymer chains, which are less entangled, crystallise more readily and to a greater overall extent.  Some of the properties of 450G and 150G are compared in the table below to illustrate these differences.


Property  Units   Test Method VICTREXTM PEEK 450GTM  VICTREXTM PEEK 150G 
Typical values
Melt viscosity, 400°C/1000s-1 Pa.s ISO 11443 350 130 
Melt flow rate, 380°C/5kg g/10 min ISO 1133 8.5 75 
Tensile modulus, 23°C GPa ISO 527  4.0 4.1 
Tensile strength, 23°C MPa ISO 527 98 105 
Tensile elongation at break, 23°C % ISO 527 45 30 
Flexural modulus, 23°C GPa ISO 178 3.8 3.9 
Flexural strength, 23°C MPa ISO 178 125 130 
Izod impact strength, notched, 23°C kJ/m2 ISO 180 8.0 5.0 
Melting point, Tm °C ISO 11357 339 342 
Crystallisation temperature, Tc °C ISO 11357 290 296 
Degree of crystallinity, typical % ISO 11357 35 39 


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