Regulatory compliant solutions for food and drinking water applications

food and water-contact polymers

VICTREX FG™ (Food Grade) grades are high-performance polymers for use in food, beverage, and water processing equipments. Compliant with major food contact regulations and standards, VICTREX FG™ grades are suited for demanding environments supporting multiple requirements for safety, quality and regulatory compliance of the industry – ensuring that customers only taste what they are supposed to taste.

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VICTREX FG™ 700 provides the benefits of high-performance VICTREX FG™ polymers which are compliant with major food contact regulations and standards, in powder coating form

Putting safety and hygiene first in innovation

VICTREX FG™  meets various regulatory requirements but also the growing performance needs across process lines for high purity products, higher risk and aseptic lines. The unique properties of PEEK means that it can cope with demanding lines that handle high-suspended solids, sugar crystals, particulate or highly viscous, and abrasive, highly acidic juices, or metal salt-containing foods.
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Industrial food and water processing

Industrial food manufacturing must meet the regulatory for foods such as meat, poultry, fish and dairy, and potable water. Combined with demands for improved taste experiences, longer shelf life, clean labels and product differentiation, VICTREX FG™ has been developed to enable innovation in extremely aggressive environments including: Conveyor systems, aseptic processing and packaging; and bottling and filling lines. 

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Commercial and domestic appliances

Reduce component costs by replacing metal components with the mass production of complex, resilient, injection moulded VICTREX PEEK components that require no further processing or machining. Typical applications include ovens, cookware, fryers and rice cookers. Additionally, beverage dispensers and coffee machine components such as piercing needles.

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Analytical equipment 

High-precision injection moulded parts and excellent material properties, deliver fabrication and end-use efficiencies in laboratory analytical equipment. VICTREX FG™ enables high-precision volume metering with minimum pressure loss; and precision moulding and durability in applications such as ultra-high pressure liquid chromatography.

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From the smallest components to whole processes, VICTREX FG™ solutions have been proven in domestic and commercial coffee machines, in components such as coffee pod piercing needles.
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Managing the accelerating food requirements of a growing planet

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Regulatory Compliance
VICTREX FG™ food contact polymers are compliant with various food and water contact regulations
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Victrex Earns NSF 61 Certification for VICTREX FG™ series
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VICTREX FG™ series has achieved successful certification to NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 for use in drinking water system components from global public health organization NSF
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Security of Supply
Victrex invests in polymer production ahead of demand to meet our customer's needs. This includes our extensive PEEK and PAEK polymer production that delivers the world's highest capacity of 7,150 tonnes.
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Victrex keeps industrial environments moving, with high-performance polymer solutions to the highest safety standards. Our high-performance polymers power the pumps, valves and gears that you need to power industry 4.0. 


VICTREX™ PEEK  & thermoplastic hybrid gears offer an alternative to metal planetary system gearboxes. The high precision, tight tolerance and repeatability creates unconstrained cobot engineering design freedom.

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