Aerospace Whitepapers (2)
In this paper a composite prepreg manufactured using a relatively new high performance PAEK (polyaryletherketone) polymer from Victrex will be described, which offers out of autoclave (OoA) processing at lower temperatures than Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) and polyetherketoneketone (PEKK) whilst displaying excellent consolidation with minimal voids and good mechanical properties.
Coriolis Composites and Victrex teamed up to design an Automated Fibre Placement (AFP) process to unlock the potential of VICTREX AE™ 250 UDT. The results showed a significant increase in lay-up speed was possible whilst achieving industry acceptable levels of porosity (<2%) for in-situ consolidation. OoA consolidation showed the potential to reduce the cycle time and energy consumption.
Electronics Whitepapers (2)
This paper explores an innovative solution to eliminate waste and drive higher yields in consumer electronics using using VICTREX PEEK polymer and Husky's hot runner system.
The paper presents material behavior and the development of simulation methods for modeling a hybrid system. The results present test data and simulation results for both plaques and a bracket constructed using the hybrid molding technology.
Energy Whitepapers (8)
VICTREX™ PAEK and PEEK polymers could be a good fit for critical components within the carbon capture, storage, and utilisation (CCUS) infrastructure with temperature, pressure, wear and chemical resistance, low permeability, and mechanical properties. This whitepaper explains why VICTREX PAEK polymers are suitable for CCUS, especially for sealing solutions such as in valves, seals, and compressor component applications.
The paper introduces some possible selection criteria for polymers used at very low temperatures and explains performance on a molecular as well as macro level.
The paper discusses the performance benefits of the polymer compared to incumbent fluoropolymers as well as the trends in the cryogenic sealing market.
The whitepaper covers how adaptation of existing PEEK-based sealing, isolation, and compression technologies is anticipated to be a practical means to realize the energy transition to hydrogen on an accelerated timeline.
This paper discusses the importance of looking beyond the minimum requirements of standard test protocols to better understand performance in harsh environments, and what data you should be asking for from your material or shapes suppliers.
VICTREX™ PEEK meets NORSOK M710 compliance and continues to aggressively test its polymers in support of industry-leading test standards
The whitepaper covers the benefits of sliding bearings based on VICTREX PAEK and PEEK polymers compared to traditional metallic bearings
The paper explores the benefits that VICTREX PEEK polymers can offer wind turbine wear components including brakes, roller bearing cages, and sliding bearings.
Industrial Whitepapers (2)
This paper outlines why 3D printing PEEK is challenging and how Victrex has developed new, easier to print PAEK polymers for filament fusion and laser sintering.
Medical Whitepapers (2)
A whitepaper on how PEEK can be used to develop next generation drug delivery devices that require connectivity

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