Your partner in advancing medical technology

Game changing innovations made possible by Invibio’s biomaterials

Your partner in advancing medical technology

Invibio, a Victrex plc company, is a provenpartner to medical device manufacturers and a leading provider of biomaterial solutions.Every day Invibio’s medical PEEK polymers are used in diverse medical applications from drug delivery to orthopaedic joint replacement.

Innovative biomaterial solutions

Spine fusion device


Invibio’s biocompatible PEEK-OPTIMA polymers are a leading choice for spinal fusion devices.

Invibio works closely with its partners to maximise their benefits in spinal applications including spinal interbody fusion, posterior spine stabilisation rods, anterior cervical plates and spinal arthroplasty

Orthopaedic solutions


Less wear, tailored imaging and enhanced bone growth are some of the reasons that Orthopaedic specialists choose Invibio’s PEEK polymer solutions for applications such as knee and hip arthroplasty and knee and shoulder arthroscopy

Trauma plate


Invibio’s proven biocompatible carbon fibre composite material, PEEK-OPTIMA Ultra-Reinforced polymer, may offer the potential to enhance healing in challenging patients in devices such as fracture fixation plates and intramedullary nails.

Medical polymers with the potential to improve clinical outcomes

CMF applications

Surgeon and patient benefits in CMF (Cranio-maxillofacial) applications:

  • Addresses the need for large repairs with a high degree of complexity
  • Compatible with CAD/CAM processing for a more precise implant fixation
  • Enables intra-operative modifications  
  • Radiolucent and compatible with CT and MR imaging modalities, allowing post-operative diagnostic imaging
  • Lack of thermal conductivity
  • Bio-inert and biocompatible
JUVORA dental implant

Revolutionising prosthetic dentistry with flexible, durable and lightweight biomaterials.

Based on recent clinical research and compared to the literature values for titanium, Invibio’s JUVORATM implant prosthetics offer potential benefits that include:

  • Up to 10% better implant survival rate
  • Up to x5 less bone loss
  • Up to x10 less incidence peri-Implantitis
  • Up to 8% better prosthetic survival rate

PEEK-OPTIMA drug delivery implantable devices

Exceptional biomaterial properties that support next generation drug delivery devices 

PEEK-OPTIMA polymers are used in a wide range of active implantable medical devices with potential benefits that include:

  • Mechanical performance, combining strength, stiffness and toughness even after sterilisation 
  • Resistance to hydrolysis and the effects of ionizing radiation
  • Repeated sterilisation using conventional gamma irradiation, steam and ethylene oxide (EtO) 
  • Biocompatible

Invibio biomaterial solutions

Invibio is committed to developing solutions that can bring significant advantages for patients and health care providers. Invibio is a biomaterial solutions provider; a partner that can add value to all stages of a medical device product lifecycle.
Trauma plate
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PEEK granules
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