Innovative VICTREX PEEK performance in braking, steering and actuation applications

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For more than 40 years we have been working successfully with automotive companies throughout the value chain to accelerate the development of innovative applications that deliver improved performance and cost-effectiveness in the most demanding environments.

Pushing the boundaries to improve vehicle performance

hydraulic valves and guiding rings

Hydraulic applications offering controlled leakage performance within tight tolerances

In hydraulic valves and guiding rings, VICTREX PEEK polymer enables cost saving potential, consistent sealing performance over wide range of temperatures, provides excellent compressive strength and wear properties and is chemically resistant to most hydraulic and brake fluids.

car on the road

Light weight and efficient vacuum pumps

Vacuum pumps are an essential component for braking systems. In a critical environment where you don’t want any wear, VICTREX™ PEEK enables durable, strong and chemically resistant components, miniaturisation potential and consistent sealing properties.

hydraulic valves with guiding rings

Stable sealing and guiding in demanding hydraulic applications

In guiding rings and press rings VICTREX™ PEEK enables stable sealing performance over lifetime with low wear avoiding failure from particle abrasion and offers cost saving potentials through efficient manufacturing.

Actually for actuation

In steering, headlights and seating, actuators are getting lighter, quieter, and faster. VICTREX™ PEEK polymer offers proven durability, miniaturisation potential, improved NVH and chemical resistance to most automotive fluids.

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Automotive ABS / ESC system
VICTREX PEEK solutions can help improve durability and efficiency in demanding hydraulic applications
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PEEK Granules
VICTREX ABV 300 is typically used in demanding hydraulic applications
chemical resistance
VICTREX PEEK provides excellent chemical resistance to most automotive and braking fluids. Learn more in our Chemical Resistance brochure.
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Victrex lab workers inspecting PEEK product
The 5 factors in the injection moulding process that help avoid troubleshooting when molding PEEK and can help reach the full potential of the polymer.
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It’s time to rethink metal

Victrex Gear Solutions include high-precision gear design, prototyping, testing and manufacturing capabilities using VICTREX HPG™ polymers that help our customers gain a competitive advantage while focusing on their core strength.

The automotive powertrain is quickly becoming electrified. In the new automotive world where efficient powertrains, increased range, faster charging, and superior customer experiences in a cost-effective way are required automotive designers are looking to VICTREX™ PEEK to demonstrate superior benefits to traditional solutions.


When the going gets rough, the tough get going. In the most demanding environments where temperatures, friction, parasitic losses and loads are high, fluids are aggressive and NVH becomes an issue – that’s where VICTREX™ PEEK polymer solutions and VICTREX HPG™ gears can provide considerable benefits.

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