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Frequently asked questions

About Victrex
How can I purchase Victrex products?
By submitting a request for quote or via a local distributor
How do I find a local distributor?
Visit the Distributors page. To support our customers locally we work with a global network of leading distributors.
What industries does Victrex serve?
Our focus is on six core markets – aerospace, automotive, energy, electronics, industrial and medical – and our connection to global megatrends drives our product leadership and innovation within these markets, shaping new materials, forms and part solutions.
Where can I find a list of Victrex offices?
Click here to see the Victrex office locations
Where does Victrex manufacture?
Victrex is a global manufacturer with polymer and form manufacturing based in the UK and part manufacturing capabilities in the U.K. and U.S.
Where is Victrex headquartered?
Victrex is headquartered in the UK, with technical centres in the UK, China and Japan plus offices in the US, Germany & Korea
Can I obtain a PEEK sample?
To enquire about purchasing a sample, please request a quote.
Do Victrex PEEK products contain PFAS?

PFAS (Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) have not been intentionally added, used, or generated as by-products in the manufacturing process of unfilled Victrex PEEK and PAEK polymers. In addition, independent third-party laboratory analysis on representative product samples has confirmed that Perfluoroalkyl substances (including PFOA, PFHxS, PFCA’s C9-C14) are not detectable in Victrex products down to test detection limits.

A small number of Victrex products contain PTFE (a fluoropolymer, part of the PFAS family of substances) as an additive – these are manufactured by third party companies which comply with the PFOA restrictions of the POPs regulation (EU 2019/1021). These include VICTREXTM PEEK grades: 150FC, 150FW, 450FC, 450FE, J301; VICTREX CTTM 200 MIC.

For support on selecting products that best meet your needs contact us https://www.victrex.com/en/contact-us/i-need-help-selecting-the-product

Do you make parts?
Victrex work with our customers to build markets in strategic areas. While we do not operate as a general contract manufacturer, we do have internal capabilities to help you develop certain applications, including but not limited to gears, moulded brackets, trauma plates, please contact us to find out more.
Do you sell stock shapes?
We work through value-added resellers to bring you stock shapes of our products. Please submit a request form and we will be happy to connect you to them. 
Is PEEK suitable for additive manufacturing?
Victrex have solutions to enable customers to benefit from PEEK performance through additive manufacturing.  This includes new grades specifically designed and optimised for additive manufacturing and a solution provider network with PEEK 3DP capabilities. Visit the Additive Manufacturing page to learn more.
What are the different forms of PEEK available at Victrex?
Victrex offers polymer powders and granules, also semi-finished products that include fibre, filament, film, pipes and UD-tape and composite, medical and gear parts.  Additionally stock shapes are available from our value-added-resellers. Visit the product section to learn more.
What is PEEK?

Poly-ether-ether-ketone is one of the world's highest performing thermoplastics used in engineering applications. It supports multiple performance requirements, including excellent mechanical, chemical resistance retained at extreme temperatures. Victrex offers a variety of PEEK polymers and compounds to best meet the needs of your application. See our PEEK polymer pages to learn more.

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Where can I find a Technical Data Sheet?
Our technical datasheets are available in the Resources section.
Material Properties
Are MSDS sheets available?
Yes, MSDS are available in our Resources section here
Can I get PEEK in another colour?
Yes, but not directly from Victrex. Please submit a request form and we will be happy to connect you to one of our value added resellers.
In what colours is VICTREX PEEK available?
VICTREX PEEK is available in natural colour and in many cases, a black version either through the addition of colourant or the addition of carbon fibers. For other colours, we will help to put you in touch with one of our distributors.
What are the mechanical properties of PEEK at elevated temperatures?
Take a look at the technical datasheets available in the Resources section.
Is VICTREX PEEK biocompatible?
Victrex's medical division, Invibio, offer grades suitable for human blood and tissue contact.  Also, our food grade portfolio offers some biocompatibility
What food contact certificates do Victrex products have?
Information on food/water contact compliance including certificates are available upon request. Please contact the Victrex team
Where can I find Victrex's ISO Quality Management System(QMS) and environmental certificates?
Victrex’s ISO and environmental certificates can be found on our website here.
Which regulations are VICTREX PAEK polymers compliant to?
Victrex regulatory compliance statements and certificates can be found on our website here.

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