High performance Polymers 

Replacing metal and other polymers to address increasing performance requirements  

The top of the polymer pyramid 

High-performance polymers are located at the top of the polymer pyramid and represent about 800,000 tonnes or only 0.2% of all synthetic (or manufactured) polymers. They are typically much more difficult to produce , however, as the difficulty of producing the polymer increases, so does the performance of the resultant polymer.

PolyEtherEtherKetone (PEEK) belongs to these high-performance polymers and is a member of the PAEK (Poly Aryl Ether Ketones) family of polymers, a family with over 300 members but only a handful of which have been commercialised. 


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Reliability across a range of operating conditions

High Performance Polymers (HPP) are challenging metal as the material of choice especially in applications where components have to contend with high temperatures and high pressures in a corrosive environment.
HT Connector
High Temperature performance 

VICTREX HT™ and VICTREX ST™ polymers for applications that demand superior higher temperature resistance.

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WearGrade peek gear
Wear Performance

Premium wear grades that offer excellent wear rates and a reduced and very stable coefficient of friction. 

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Women putting food in fridge
Food grade

VICTREX FG™ portfolio of polymers meets the most stringent food grade material requirements. 

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High Performance Gears

VICTREX HPG™ (High-Performance Gear) product family have increasingly become a viable alternative for metal. 

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Medical grades

PEEK-OPTIMA™ polymers have a track record of more than 20 years for safety and biocompatibility.

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Security of supply

Victrex invests in production capabilities ahead of demand to meet customers needs.  This includes our extensive PEEK and PAEK polymer production with the world's highest capacity of 7,150 tonnes.  This, combined with our upstream integration of key raw materials, ensures quality and supply control.

Transforming industries

Find out how VICTREX PEEK delivers innovation in focus industries.


Aircraft rely on Victrex solutions.
Aerospace solutions

500+ million

VICTREX™ PEEK based parts in automotive applications.
Automotive solutions

4+ billion

Mobile devices use APTIV™ acoustic film.
Electronic solutions

75+ million

VICTREX™ PEEK seals in use today.
Energy solutions
100+ million
Machines operate using Victrex solutions.
Industrial solutions
~15 million
Implanted devices worldwide use Invibio PEEK-OPTIMA™ polymers.
Medical solutions

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