Victrex announces VICTREX PC™ - a new Pharmaceutical Contact grade PEEK polymer

11th October 2023, Lancashire, United Kingdom. Victrex plc, a pioneer in the development of PEEK biomaterial solutions, have today launched a new product grade developed exclusively for Drug Delivery and Pharmaceutical Contact applications.

VICTREX PC™101 meets the highest levels of Industry biocompatibility certification for USP Class VI and also meets industry standards such as USP 661 for use in non-implantable pharmaceutical contact applications.

This material is available in granules and film and adds value to pharmaceutical production companies and drug delivery device manufacturers by providing access to assured materials for equipment or devices. This has the potential to save them cost, time and reduce risk, ultimately streamlining the commercialisation of their own products.

VICTREX PC™101 is a PEEK-based material ideally suited to non-implantable Pharmaceutical contact and drug delivery applications for less than 24-hour tissue contact duration, whether they are production line equipment or primary packaging and end delivery devices. Victrex also offers unparalleled expertise, experience and support to customers, having been the first to commercialise the use of PEEK over 40 years ago.

PEEK materials have properties meeting high levels of physical and chemical performance, ideal for applications requiring sterilisation, retention of dimensional stability, or chemical, electrical and temperature resistance. PEEK also meets high levels of mechanical performance, perfectly suited for high strength and miniature parts, wear, abrasion and fatigue exposure. It is also versatile for thermoplastic processing through moulding processes, milling or additive manufacturing.

Victrex offer a unique perspective on this market as their medical business, Invibio, has over 20 years of proven clinical history in implantable medical PEEK devices. This insight and experience have enabled them to become a key player in the drug delivery device space over recent years. They are well placed to collaborate with OEMs, engineers and pharma manufacturing companies to support them from design, regulatory approval, manufacture and beyond.

Speaking about the new product launch Ryan Elmore, Core Business Director, Medical at Victrex states, “The drug delivery market is a key focus for Victrex and one where we see huge potential for innovation and collaboration.  We are thrilled to launch VICTREX PC™101, which meets the precise demands for non-implantable pharmaceutical contact and drug delivery device applications and will support drug delivery device manufacturers by creating easier pathways to market.” 

Ryan Elmore continues, “Recent advances in drug delivery devices such as miniaturisation and increased drug viscosity call for designers to be able to access additional materials to meet the increasing manufacturing and performance challenges. Victrex PC™101 is perfectly placed to support them.” 

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