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PEEK polymer is regarded as one of the highest performing engineering thermoplastics in the world

What is PEEK?

PolyEtherEtherKetone (PEEK) belongs to the high-performance polymers and is a member of the PAEK (Poly Aryl Ether Ketones) family of polymers, a family with over 300 members but only a handful of which have been commercialised. VICTREX™ PEEK is ideally suited to extreme and demanding environments. While alternative materials can meet specific needs, PEEK can support multiple requirements. 

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Across the plastics industry, PEEK is widely viewed as a leading high-performance polymer (HPP). However, the materials of choice in the automotive, aerospace, oil & gas and medical device industries have long been metals. PEEK polymer is fast changing that mind-set.

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Work with the Victrex technical team to spur innovation and speed up application developments. Our experts are able to assist with the various stages of the application lifecycle from selecting a material to supporting the production of a final part. Our experience in this field gives us a wealth of knowledge you cannot find anywhere else.


PEEK granule
Learn how VICTREX PEEK thrives in harsh environments and helps deliver future performance.
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There is a wide range of polymers from every-day commodity plastics up to high-performance polymers such as VICTREX PEEK.
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Why is crystallinity in polymers more complex than in other materials and how can PEEK´s crystallinity be influenced during processing and cooling?
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450G™ PEEK

450G, a popular choice, why? Because it delivers against a challenging combination of needs, whether mechanical, chemical, temperature or electrical, which means no need to compromise on performance. 


Lippert International believes that high-quality products start with high-quality materials and that is why we chose Victrex. We know we can count on Victrex for the best customer experience, and best material which enables us to offer our customers the

most technologically advanced pintles, seaming spirals, and spiral lace – all made from VICTREX™ PEEK.

Andre Corriveau
Vice President of Research & Development
Lippert International Inc.
Victrex is a trusted innovation partner in our pursuit of solutions to tomorrow's automotive challenges.
Peter Luff
Purchasing Director

Replacing existing CMP ring materials with VICTREX PEEK improved overall productivity, delivering 50% better wear resistance and up to 2X the lifetime of the CMP retainer ring when compared with CMP rings made from the incumbent material.

Ju-Hun Song
Vice President

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